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Booking of Facilities

Check out the facilities available for booking at SIT campuses, open to SIT alumni.*

Alumni Base Station

Booking of Facilities

The Alumni Base Station is a recreational space where SIT Alumni can hang out, relax with their peers, or even enjoy a cup of coffee.

LocationSIT@Dover Level 3, University Tower 10 Dover Drive Singapore 138683
Opening Hours9.00am to 5.00pm
How to BookContact the SIT Advancement & Alumni Division for bookings at
Alumni@SingaporeTech.edu.sg or call 6592 2129 / 6592 3314.

Discussion Rooms & Sports Facilities

Alumni may also access Discussion Rooms or various sports facilities available at SIT’s campuses.

For booking of facilities, please fill in the form below or contact Alumni@Singaporetech.edu.sg

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